Inception Retro FLE Signature Series Autococker - ICE Blue Fade

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  • $ 1,640

The FLE Signature Series is the ultimate Inception Designs Gun package. It comes complete and ready to shoot. This is available in RETRO and classic platforms. The RETRO platform uses the 11/16 valve with PE standard ball detents and the classic build has a 9/16th valve and screw-in ball detents. This FLE comes with the most modern pneumatics to allow easy tuning. The Inception FLE 45 gripframe gives it a comfortable and easy to shoot grip.

This gun will come timed and tuned by NFG Customs, the authority on performance Inception Designs Autocockers. Available with the NFG SuperShort Trigger Job (SST) for an additional cost. The trigger job includes an SAS Delrin Trigger plate upgrade and the precision tuning to achieve a trigger pull less than 2mm! 

The Signature Series FLE will also include ano matched full Stella barrel kit, frame, Feedneck, HPR, and ASA to match the body kit and barrel kit.